Frequently Asked Questions

The page is divided in the following separate sections:

a) questions more specific to our rentals, such as do you need an International Drivers Permit or not?

b) questions about the organized tours.

c) Questions regarding general information about your travel to Greece. These are not necessarily related to the rental business, but they can help you with your planning ahead

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FAQ about our Rentals

If your national license is issued in the E.U., or in Israel, or in quite a few other countries, no you don’t need an IDP. Which are those countries? In detail, please check our article : International Driver’s Permit – Q & A to find out if you need an IDP depending on your country of origin.

Regrettably, the U.S.A., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand (and certain other countries) are not included in the list, so this means that Yes, you do need to provide an IDP. Please understand this is the law and the fines are ridiculously high.

The IDP is a formal document that is used in international travel. It contains the details of your driver’s license translated in many languages, done so in a standardized format, so that it can be recognizable by authorities of different countries. Sometimes, without an IDP you will not be allowed to rent a vehicle abroad!

Most of the times, Yes you can, provided of course that we know this in advance, so that we make an appointment! This has to be arranged during your reservation procedure.

Insurance excess is the maximum liability of the renter, in case of self-damage to the motorcycle or loss of the motorcycle. For example, if a motorcycle is listed with an insurance excess of 2000 euros, this means that if the renter causes damage to the rented motorcycle that is estimated at any amount above 2000 euros, the renter (client) only pays the first 2000. The rest (2001+ euros) are covered by insurance. But for any damage or loss that is caused by the renter, which is estimated to cost any amount up to 2000 euros, then the renter (client) has to pay it all. Excess are VOID when you ride off-road.

The damage deposit is different to the insurance excess, in these details: a) it is lower than the excess. Why ? We do this to facilitate an easier rental procedure for you, since in this way there is a less amount of money reserved on your credit card. But, the important thing to keep in mind is that you are still liable to MotoGreece up to the excess amount, not just up to the deposit amount. b) the damage deposit is the amount that is pre-authorized on a credit card, not the insurance excess.

Well, we can’t stop you, right? Keep in mind though, that if you do go off-road then there is no insurance coverage, nor for 3rd party liability nor for damage waiver! You will be 100% liable for any kind of damage to the motorcycle or to 3rd parties.

Don’t forget, our bikes are equipped with GPS trackers that record your tracks and also notify us when a bike is dropped. So we are in a a position to verify if you did ride off-road. It is then in our discretion to charge you with the “off-road surcharge” rate of 100 euros (see paragraph 6.h of our Rental Agreement), in addition to the fact that you loose your right to any damage waiver ( 4.2.c in the rental agreement)

The retention period of the damage deposit is a) firstly, for the whole duration of your rental period. b) secondly, once you return the motorcycle to us and we inspect it and find it to be ok, we will prepare a “release order”. The release order is sent to the organization that handles all card transactions.

We send this order on the same day that we accept the return of the motorcycle, provided that it is a working day and working hours. At that point, our part of the release procedure is over.

c) It is now up to the organization that receives the release order, to process it and pass it on to your bank. MotoGreece is in no way in control of this step of the process. Usually, it takes them (the card transaction company) 5 or 6 working days. d) The final step is up to your bank to complete the release order.

We may be able to deliver the motorcycle to your hotel in Athens free of charge, under the following conditions:
a) up to 2 motorcycles per transfer. Sorry, but we cannot deliver larger number of motorcycles.
b) your hotel must provide adequate parking space. This means: we cannot obscure traffic or pedestrians or cause any inconvenience to other vehicles, while we leave the motorcycles on that spot and make all the rental procedure with you. Keep it in mind, as many hotels downtown Athens are located in narrow and at the same time very busy roads.
c) the hotel needs to be in close proximity to a subway/ metro station. Usually a 10-minute walking distance will suffice. Otherwise, we will have to charge a fee for the transfer.
d) the transfer has to be requested in advance, during your booking procedure.

Yes you can !

But we need to know this in advance, at least 20  days before your intended arrival. There are a couple of bureaucratic steps that need to be taken, that’s why we need this time. Also, there are certain restrictions that do apply in comparison to renting and riding within Greece.

  • What type of panniers are there?

    The model of the panniers and top box are either GIVI or BMW (factory equipped). The models can vary, however side panniers range from 33 to 42 liters each, and the top boxes range from 46 to 52 liters. Both the panniers and top boxes are lockable and removable. We do not provide pannier liners.

  • Is the top box big enough to fit a full face helmet?

    One helmet will fit inside a top box. The 52 liter top boxes usually fit 2 helmets, but that does depend on the size of the helmets.

  • Do you provide tools and puncture repair kit ?

    The basic toolkit that each manufacturer sells with bike, is included. We have a limited number of puncture repair kits, however we provide these only if you have experience with repairing a tire in the field. If you have not used one in the past, we strongly advise against using one now, for safety reasons. MotoGreece will no be held liable if an accident occurs due to incorrect application of a puncture kit.

  • Does a spare key get supplied with the rental?

    No, all spare keys are kept at the office.

  • Is there a power outlet on the bikes ?

    On BMW models, yes. We supply you the necessary USB adapters. You must bring your own cables. The Honda models currently do not have a power outlet.

  • Can I use my own GPS ?

    Yes as long as you bring your wiring, holder and bracket. Wiring must be equipped with a fuse. You will be responsible for damages caused to the wiring and/or electrical system of the motorcycle.

FAQ about the Tours (Guided or Self-guided)

Formal requirements are : a) you must be at least 26 years old. b) you must have “category A” rider’s license ( = unrestricted) in effect for at least the last 2 years.

Then, you must read our “Tour Grading” system. Each tour has a different grade, which is clearly shown in the description of the tour.

This varies. Each tour may have a different level of difficulty and the estimated riding hours per day can be different. In the description of each tour you will find a clear statement of the estimated average daily riding hours. This is also related to the tour grading. Please see previous answer.

You are free to break away and ride on your own. A detailed route plan, a paper map and GPS coordinates, will be provided to you, so that you can stay on track and find your way to the hotel or the next scheduled stop.

Yes, but you have to keep in mind that the seats are a few and are served in a first-come basis. We can not guarantee that a seat will always be available. For non-riding partners who want to follow the entire tour in the support vehicle, we must be notified in advance!

One (1) medium sized suitcase per person.

We are bikers and we get wet. We ride.

General Questions

Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”, IATA 3-letter code: ATH,

Yes. In very rare cases you might find yourself in situation where a credit card will not be accepted. Such situations could occur in small and remote villages. We suggest that you carry some cash with you. ATM’s can be found at many places. We suggest carrying some cash. See also answer below.

Cash can be withdrawn from ATMs that are found at almost any city that we pass through. If your national currency is other than Euro, the ATMs will dispense Euros. The exchange rate and the transaction cost at an ATM is lower than what you will find in other exchange offices/kiosks. For this reason we recomend to always use ATMs for getting your Euros! They are safer, they are cheaper.

Local shops, gas stations, super markets etc, most often will NOT accept payments in non-Euro cash, unless you find yourself at a very, very, touristic and popular destination. But still, this is not guaranteed.

Yes, we will keep your luggage in our facilities for the duration of the trip, at no cost for you. MotoGreece will not be held liable in case of loss or theft, though.

No, we do not arrange or sell flight tickets or ferry tickets.