Motorcycle Rental in Greece

Motorcycle Rental in Greece

Reduced deposits - Full Refund !

If your are forced to cancel due to COVID-19 related restrictions. Book with confidence.


Choose our motorcycle rental in Athens and start your motorcycling vacation in Greece. Our bikes are completely equipped with luggage systems and we offer 24/7 support. Our motorcycles are either brand new 2020 models or 2019 models and are 100% privately owned by MotoGreece.

Just book your air tickets, land in Athens and hop on your motorcycle and start exploring our beautiful country. If you want some advice on where to go, what to see and how to make the most out of your motorcycle rental, ask us!

BMW R 1250GS (2020-2019)

Prices can be as low as 125 euros per day, fully equipped.

BMW R 1200GS (2018)

Rent BMW R1200GS in Greece

Only 2 left in our fleet, discounted prices can be as low as 115 euros per day, fully equipped.

Prices can be as low as 110 euros per day, fully equipped

BMW F 750GS (850 cc) 2019

BMW F750GS rental in Athens Greece


Prices can be as low as 95 euros per day, fully equipped

rent a Honda NC 750X in Athens

Prices can be as low as 70 euros per day, fully equipped

Honda CB500X

Two versions available : 17” front wheel (2018 models) and 19” front wheel (2020 models)

rent Honda CB500x in Greece

Prices can be as low as 56 euros per day, fully equipped.


Booking deposit

A deposit equal to 30% (*) of the rental value is required to reserve your booking. The remaining balance is paid when you arrive, at motorcycle hand-over.

(*) For as long as the COVID-19 uncertainty remains, the reservation deposit is reduced to 15% and you will get a full refund if you are forced to cancel due to travel restrictions. 

Rider Requirements

a) Minimum Age: 27 for 600 cc – 900 cc models, 30 for larger than 900 cc models

b) Minimum 2 years of unrestricted, category A, riding license

c) Non EU Citizens: depending on country of origin, you may have to provide an International Drivers License and your national rider’s license. Please read this article to check the requirement.

d) Valid Passport.

e) Credit card (see “Damage Deposit”).

Damage deposit

A security (or damage) deposit is authorized on a Visa or MasterCard at the time before you pick-up the bike. For rentals of more than 15 days, we cannot authorize a card so we need to actually charge it with the amount of the damage deposit. The authorization is released (or the charge is refunded) upon return and successful inspection of the undamaged motorcycle.

Please keep in mind, the release or refund is processed by the bank and we cannot control how long it takes. (usually 5 or 6 working days)

No Debit nor pre-paid cards are accepted for the damage deposit! You must bring a valid credit card.

Pick-up & Drop off

Our offices are located in central Athens, near a subway station (see page footer for address). You can collect/return motorcycles also in non-office hours and in weekends, but this must be arranged during the reservation procedure. We can deliver/pickup up to 2 motorcycles to/from some hotels in Athens area upon request at no extra charge. Athens International Airport pick-ups or drop-offs can be arranged with an extra 35 euros per individual motorcycle transfer.

Not looking for Athens? Read about possible relocation.

Included services:

a) Unlimited kilometres for 6+ day rentals,

b) 300 kilometres per day allowed for rentals of up to 5 days with 0.30 euro charge per extra kilometre,

c) 3rd Party Liability Insurance.

d) Theft & damage coverage with excess.

e) Road side assistance & 24/7 hotline support

f) All taxes

Included equipment

In addition to whatever equipment comes from the factory, all rental motorcycles are equipped, as standard for the listed prices above, with :

a) Complete Luggage system of 2 side panniers and a rear top case.

b) security Lock and anti-theft alarm.

c) a RAM ball head on the handle bar. You can attach your own equipment but you must bring the necessary mounting parts (RAM arm, cradle, power plug).


a) Low seat at no extra charge (limited items, check availability)

b) GPS and Rider equipment, premium helmets, summer jackets, available for rent.

About Insurance coverage, insurance excess and damage deposit

All our motorcycles are insured a) for 3rd part liability and b) with vehicle coverage for own damages caused by the rider and for theft, but with an “insurance excess”.

Insurance excess is the most you would have to pay in the event of damage to motorcycle caused by you, or in the event of theft.

Damage deposit is an amount that we pre-authorize on a VISA or MASTERCARD, as a guarantee. For some models, the damage deposit is equal to the insurance excess. For some other models, the damage deposit is lower than the insurance excess.

We do this in order to make it easier for you and your credit limit. But you are still legally liable to pay MotoGreece up to the amount of the insurance excess! You are bound to this by your signature on the rental contract.

All damage/loss is assessed and calculated as per the standard official pricelists for parts and labor in Greece of the BMW Motorrad, Honda or any other importer.

Please note : Your damage coverage is void under certain conditions. Also, not all parts of a motorcycle are covered (example: the wheels). Please read articles 4 and 5 of the detailed Rental Agreement.

You may be interested :

Quite a few of our customers plan to spend an extra day (or days) in Athens, either before or after their motorcycle tour in Greece. Instead of using a big adventure bike to ride around Athens for sightseeing, we recommend a scooter rental !

This option offers you the advantages:

a) You save money! Instead of adding that one extra day to the rental cost of a big bike, you will get a scooter at seriously lower cost.

b) Navigating and negotiating the frenzy traffic of Athens is sooo much easier on a scooter, that you will thank us later!

If you are interested in such an option, just make sure to check the relevant box in the “availability request” form, when you make your inquiry for your bike rental ! We will include all relevant details in our reply.


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