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If your are forced to cancel due to COVID-19 related restrictions. Book with confidence.

Choose our motorcycle rental in Athens and start your motorcycling vacation in Greece. Our bikes are completely equipped with luggage systems and we offer 24/7 support. Most of our motorcycles are 2020 models and some are of 2019 soon to be replaced by 2021 bikes!

We do keep a couple of 2018 models in the fleet, namely the CB500X, due to its specifications: it has a lower seat height compared to the newer model so it fits some riders better.

See below what models we currently have. Srcoll/swipe further down below to read the general information about our rentals (deposits, inclusions etc).

BMW R 1250GS

  • 2020 & 2021 models
  • Weight: 249 kg (549 pounds)
  • Seat height : 850 – 870 mm (33.4 – 34.2 inches)

Starting from

125 euros/day

Details & Prices
rent Africa Twin 1100 in Athens Greece

HONDA AFRICA TWIN 1100 Adventure Sports

  • 2021 model
  • Weight: 238 kg (524.7 pounds)
  • Seat height : 850 – 870 mm (33.4 – 34.2 inches)

Starting from

105 euros/day

Details & Prices
rent BMW F750GS in Athens Greece

BMW F 750 GS (850 cc)

  • 2019 & 2021 models
  • Weight: 224 kg (494 pounds)
  • Seat height : 835 mm, comfort version (32.8 inches). Low seat available, 800 mm (31.5 inches)

Starting from

95 euros/day

Details & Prices
rent a Honda NC 750X in Athens


  • 2021 & 2020 models
  • Weight: 2021 model, 214 kg (472 pounds) – 2020 model, 220 kg (485 pounds)
  • Seat height : 2021 model, 800 mm (31.5 inches) – 2020 model, 830 mm (32.7 inches)

Starting from

70 euros/day

Details & Prices
A2 Compliant


  • 2020 & 2018 models
  • Weight: 196 kg (432 pounds)
  • Seat height : 830 mm (32.7 inches) 2020 model — 810 mm (31.9 inches) 2018 model

Starting from

56 euros/day

Details & Prices


Rates include:

  • Unlimited kilometers for 6+ day rentals,
  • 300 kilometers per day allowed for rentals of up to 5 days with 0.30 euro charge per extra kilometer,
  • Complete Luggage system of 2 side panniers and a rear top case.
  • 3rd Party Liability Insurance.
  • Theft & damage coverage with excess (varies per model).
  • Road side assistance & 24/7 hotline support
  • security Lock and anti-theft alarm
  •  a RAM ball head and arm on the handle bar. You can attach your own equipment but you must bring the necessary mounting parts (cradle, power plug)
  • All taxes


a) Minimum Age: 27 for 600 cc – 900 cc models, 30 for larger than 900 cc models

b) License: Minimum 2 years of :

  • category A, for holders of European license (A2 accepted only for the CB500), or
  • full motorcycle license, unrestriced, not provisional, not “learners”, for holders of non-EU licenses PLUS : depending on country of origin, you may have to provide an International Drivers License as well. Please read this article to check the requirement.

c) 5,000 kilometers of recent experience (within last 3 years)

d) Valid Passport.

e) Credit card (see “Security Deposit” next).

Security Deposit

A security (or damage) deposit is authorized on a Visa or MasterCard at the time before you pick-up the bike. For rentals of more than 15 days, we cannot authorize a card so we need to actually charge it with the amount of the damage deposit. The authorization is released (or the charge is refunded) upon return and successful inspection of the undamaged motorcycle.

Please keep in mind, the release or refund is processed by the bank and we cannot control how long it takes. (usually 5 or 6 working days)

No Debit nor pre-paid cards are accepted for the damage deposit! You must bring a valid credit card.

Booking Deposit

A deposit equal to 30% (*) of the rental value is required to reserve your booking. The remaining balance is paid when you arrive, at motorcycle hand-over.

(*) For as long as the COVID-19 uncertainty remains, the reservation deposit is reduced to 20% and you will get a full refund if you are forced to cancel due to travel restrictions.

Pick-up and drop-off

Our offices are located in central Athens, near a subway station (see page footer for address). You can collect/return motorcycles also in non-office hours and in weekends, but this must be arranged during the reservation procedure.

We can deliver/pickup up to 2 motorcycles to/from some hotels in Athens area upon request at no extra charge. Athens International Airport pick-ups or drop-offs can be arranged with an extra 35 euros per individual motorcycle transfer.


a) GPS, Helmets, Jackets, gloves available for rent

(limited items, reservation is required !)


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