Rent a Honda NC750X in ATHENS

Brand new 2020 model.

With a true (tested) average fuel consumption of just 3.7 liters/100 km (63.5 miles per US gallon) this motorcycle will save you money during your tour.

2 versions available: one with a conventional gearbox and one with the DCT.

DCT: Dual Clutch Transmission. This model has no clutch lever. You may ride this version of the NC750 as a motorcycle with a fully automatic transmission. But whenever you feel like taking full control, you can certainly do so! Just switch to Manual mode, then you shift gears by a) using +/- paddles on the left hand grip, or b) by using a regular gear lever with the left foot ! That’s right, we have equipped our models with this optional accessory from Honda to make things as easy as possible.

rent a Honda NC 750X in Athens
Honda NC750X storage compartment
Rental Price Includes:
  • New 2020 model
  • Complete luggage system, with 2 side panniers & rear top case
  • Security lock
  • Unlimited kilometers for rentals of 6+ days
  • 3rd party liability insurance
  • Theft and Damage insurance with excess
  • All taxes
Prices (in Euros) :
  • 1*- 2 days: 90/day –  DCT: 95/ day
  • 3 days: 85/day –  DCT: 90/ day
  • 4-6 days: 80/day  – DCT: 85/ day
  • 7-13 days: 75/day –  DCT: 80/ day
  • 14+ days: 70/day –  DCT: 75/ day
  • long term (1 month plus): contact us

* 1-day rentals are offered only during July and August.

For rentals up to 5 days you are allowed for 300 free kilometres per day. Extra kilometres are charged for 0.30 euros per kilometre.

Rentals of 6 and more days get free allowance of unlimited kilometres.

Rider Requirements
  • Minimun age: 27 years old
  • Rider’s license: minimum 2 years of :
    • motorcycle category A for European riders,
    • or for non European riders: a full unrestricted motorcycle license AND depending on which country has issued your license, you may also have to provide an International Driver’s Permit, showing class A. To see if you country is in this list, please check by reading this post here.
  • 5,000 kilometers of recent experience (within the last 3 years)
Insurance specifics:

Standard, with the basic rental price:

  • Security Deposit : 1,400 euros (pre-authorized on VISA or MASTERCAD credit card)
  • Theft coverage and Damages : you are covered for amounts in excess of 1,700 euros


  • VIP option: for rentals of 6 or more days: you have the option to reduce Excess and Damage deposit to 700 euros with an extra fee of 20 euros per rental day
Specifications :
  • Engine: 745 cc, inline twin
  • Horsepower: 55 HP / 6250 rpm
  • Torque: 68 Nm / 4750 rpm
  • Tank: 14 litters
  • Average consumption: 28 kilometers / liter (!)
  • Weight (ready to ride): 220 kg (485 pounds)  –  DCT version: 230 kg (507 pounds)
  • Seat height: 830 mm (32.7 inches)
Equipped with :
  • ABS
  • Traction control
  • Complete luggage system, with 2 side panniers & rear top case
  • Luggage compartment of 22 liters in front of the seat, bringing the total luggage capacity to almost 140 liters !
  • DCT with added gear foot lever allowing for manually shifting gears if wish to do so


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