Motorcycle Tours in Greece

Motorcycle Tours in Greece


Find below our currently available guided motorcycle tours in Greece. 

See also the section of our website with the Self Guided Motorcycle Tours. On demand, and provided there are at least 3 riders signing up, we can run any self guided tour as a fully guided one.


central northwest greece motorcycle tour

2020 and 2021 dates published !

The tour that will take you off the typical tourist trail

12 days vacation package, 9 riding days.

2 UNESCO World Heritage Sites!

Meteora, Delphi, Vikos gorge, Zagoria, Tzoumerka

Wild & remote mountainous regions

& the island of Lefkada

motorcycle tour of peloponnese with motogreece

2020 and 2021 dates published !

With this tour you will indulge in centuries of culture and history!

12 days vacation, 9 riding days with option to ride on rest days.

5 UNESCO World heritage site!

Ancient Olympia, Epidaurus, Mystras, Temple of Apollo in Bassae, ancient Mycenae

Monemvasia, Nafplion, area of Mani

motorcycle tour of crete

Dates for 2020 and 2021: on demand only

Our easiest tour, be on a relaxed “vacation” mode

World’s top 5 destinations for 2018 by TripAdvisor

12 days vacation package, 9 riding days.

Ancient Knossos, Venetian era ports, swim in Lybian sea.


Routes & Roads

Our tours are built around the joy of riding, that’s our primary focus. We choose the best biking routes of each region and ride on secondary and back-country routes as much as possible. Highways and/or routes of less interest will be included only when it is necessary for connecting sections where there is no other alternative.

Points of Interest

Famous historic sites in our tours are treated as “salt & pepper” that will add flavor to your travel experience. Our routes are not designed primarily around such locations, but sometimes it is hard to ignore a UNESCO world heritage site! Other times, they are conveniently situated near or along a great biking route, why miss it? In general, we will not include a historic site in a tour, just for the sake of it, unless the riding to and from there is great!

Small groups

We do not like big groups. A maximum participation of 8 motorcycles per tour is guaranteed, unless you are requesting a private tour with a group of friends that you are all familiar with each other.

Support car

Tours with duration of 7+ days include by default the services of a support car that trails the group. You can put luggage (up to 1 suitcase per person), or your pilion may want to rest. Also, a person can follow the entire trip in the car. Seats are served in a first come basis. If you want to do the tour without a support car (and lower the cost of the tour!) you can certainly request so. If there is a unison request from all participants, then no car it is!

Our rental bikes

Our motorcycles are no older than 2 years. You can be reassured that when you book with us you will not ride an old, tired, beaten up, worn out motorcycle. For more specific information about the motorcycles, please see our rentals page!


Hotels are hand picked by our staff. We visit, we review, we evaluate and we select hotels that offer high value for money, great quality of services & facilities, and also have local flair. Our selection process is personal, continuous, and does not rely on internet rankings!

Riding hours

Riding hours include the time you spend on the saddle, plus short stops for coffees and taking photos along the way. They do not include stops for meals/ lunches or time to be spent while visiting historical sites, museums, etc. It is an estimate, based on evaluation of the condition of the roads and the anticipated average rider’s experience and skills.

Tour grading

What do we consider “touring” road? What is a “challenging” road? Easy, intermediate, or advanced grade tour? Please take a few moments to read about our grading, by following the link here.


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