Please take a few minutes to read about how we rate our tours!

Touring roads vs Challenging roads

We classify a paved road as “touring” when it has two lanes, a center line, when corners and twists are smooth and come with a relative flow in the ride, and when steep inclines are not too many. Examples of touring roads are given in the 2 pictures below.

We classify a paved road as “challenging” when the width is single lane, so in case you miss your line you have little margin for correction or when two opposing cars meet, they have to slow down to pass comfortably. When the corners and bends are tight and come in large numbers one after the other for a lot of kilometers. When there are steep inclines with lots of consecutive tight hairpins/switchbacks. Finally, when they are remote and because of this there might be signs of neglect in maintenance and repair. That means presence of potholes, stones lying on the surface and some short stretches of dirt/gravel from the asphalt being re-surfaced. Examples of challenging paved roads are given in the pictures below.

Advanced Tour

When a tour consists of a lot of sections (> 20% of tour) with challenging roads, it is graded as “advanced”. Also, a tour is considered “advanced” when most days (> 50% of tour) are long (more than 6 hours on the saddle). You must be a very experienced rider, with more than 16,000 kilometers (10,000 miles) of recent experience. You must ride on a regular basis back home.

Intermediate Tour

An intermediate tour consists mostly of touring roads. Challenging roads can still be part of it, but in less than 20% of the tour distance. Most days of the tour last between 4-6 riding hours. A longer day may be present, but it will not be the rule of the tour. You should be an experienced rider, with more than 10,000 kilometers ( aprox 6,000 miles) of recent experience. You must ride on a regular basis back home. You must be comfortable handling a motorcycle that weights 200+ kilograms (440+ pounds).

Easy Tour

Regrettably we do not offer tours that could be categorized as “easy”.

Our tours (either guided or self-guided) are not suitable for beginner riders. Sorry !


Estimated durations or time of travel or evaluations of level of difficulty (touring or challenging roads), are made on the basis of personal experiences of the crew of MotoGreece and cannot, and will not, be considered as hard documented data that apply to all persons.

Each person has different levels of expertise, skills and phsysical or mental endurances and therefore can experience an actual route and/or the whole tour in a different way. For these reasons, you should examine the information given above with criticism. MotoGreece or any of its representatives or crew can not be held liable if the given information do not match the client’s actual experiences during the tour.