Greece to Pyrenees

That summer we wanted to do a European road trip focused as much as possible in mountain passes and corners and twisty roads. We had done Alps, so what was next? The mountain range located at the north of the Iberian Peninsula was to be our playground. En route, we would ride to some popular passes of the Alps too, and that would keep us more than satisfied.

The trip lasted in total 18 days, 2 of them aboard a ferry crossing Greece to/from Italy and 3 days in the marvelous city of San Sebastian in Basque Country. The rest of them, we summed a good list of mountain passes, that gave us nothing else but endless grins in our faces (listed per day):

  • Col Agnel (Col de Agnello), at the Italian-French border (2,744 meters of alt.).
  • Col de la Quillane (1713 m.), Col de Jau (1514 m.)
  • de Port (1250 m.), C. de Portet de Aspet (1069 m.), C. de Ares (797 m.), C. de Peyresourde (1569 m.)
  • Alto de Santa Barbara (864 m.), Puerto de Belate (847 m.)
  • Puerto de Ibaneta (also Roncevaux pass/ Roncesvalles pass, 1057 m.), Alto de Remendia (1040 m.), Portillo de Lazar (1129 m.), Portillo de Eraize (1578 m.), Col de la Pierre St. Martin (1760 m.), C. de Soudet (1540 m.), Pas de Guilhers (1436 m.), C. de Labays (1351 m.)
  • Col de Abisque (1709 m.), Col de Soulor, (~ 1.460 m.), C. de Tourmalet (2115 m.), C. d’Aspin (1489 m.), Col de Peyresourde (2nd time in the trip), Port de la Bonaigua (2072 m.), C. del Canto (1725 m.)
  • Port de Envalira (Andorra, 2408 m.), Col de Puymorens (1920 m.), Col de Llous (~ 1345 m.), Col Rigat (~ 1500 m.), C. de la Perche (1579 m.)
  • du Labouret (1240 m.), C. de Maure (1346 m.), Col de Restefond, Col de la Bonette (2803 m.)
  • There is not really much to say about this trip in terms of sightseeing or visiting cultural places. What we did was just ride and ride, all day long, enjoying the fascinating rollercoster of the Pyrenean mountain roads. It was a biker’s delight. Pure and fun motorcycling at it’s best.

Roads with perfect traction. Lush gorges, rivers, great panoramic views from the high passes. We loved the countryside of the southwestern France and northeastern Spain. Add to that the gastronomic pleasures of the tapas bars at San Sebastian, and the beautiful little towns by the shores of the Biscay gulf, and you have a complete recipe for a perfect vacation. We certainly will return!

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