Self guided motorcycle tours in Greece

Self guided motorcycle tours in Greece


Why take one of our self-guided motorcycle tours ? Because everything is ready for you!

No need to spend all your free evenings or weekends researching for the best riding routes in Greece. No need to search for the proper hotels, nor for the major cultural sites, or wondering how to tie all those together in a great motorcycling experience. Your time is precious and so is your spending money. 

You are in the right place. Our “ready-to-go” packages offer tremendous value for money.

The Best Routes

Each tour contains the best possible biking routes for the given destinations.

GPS Ready

You get a GPS ready to use, with all the routes and major points of interest pre-loaded.

Maps and notes

You get paper maps with highlighted routes & a notebook with useful information. What to see, where to eat, hints & tips etc.

Accommodation Ready

Your hotels are booked! Hand picked and top rated. Local character and great value

Pre tour briefing

Before you start, we will discuss the tour day by day. We will run through the map, the gps and the suggested visits.


We have prepared 12 “ready-to-go”, self guided motorcycle tours in Greece that cover most of the regions of the mainland. Tours that last from 19 days, down to 2 days (consider it a “short escape from Athens”) !

Some tours are very similar with each other, since they derive by combining other tours together.

See what what we have to offer below:

19 days


See most of the best that the country has to offer! Central/ Northwest, plus the Pelion Peninsula, plus the Peloponnese

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16 days,


The 6 days Peloponnese Tour and the Central-Northwest Greece Tour, combined in to one!

map of tour 16 days peloponnese and central northwest greece
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11 days

the CENTRAL-NORTHWEST Tour combined with PELION

Zagoria, Tzoumerka, and Pelion in one? Oh yes!

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10 Days


Our first ever tour, introduced back in 2016, is always a classic ! Those who have done it, fell in love with mountainous Greece.

map of tour 10 days self guided central northwest greece
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10 days


Ride the south region of Peloponnese, but after you do a first stop in Delphi!

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8 days, the Complete PELOPONNESE (South Greece)

World heritage sites, coasts, mountains, alpine roads, all in!

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5 or 6 Days (options)

ZAGORIA “EXPRESS” (northwest)

Discover this beloved region, in the shortest time possible!

motorcycle tour zagoria
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If you are short of 7-8 days, you can still experience the Peloponnese with a few shortcuts!

map of 6-days self guided tour of Peloponnese
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3 or 4 days (options),


Nafplion and the 2 mountains of Parnonas and Menalo

An excellent choice for a short road trip

map of 3-4 days self guided tour of Peloponnese
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3 or 4 days (options),

Peloponnese : Focus in Mani

Discover the southern part of Peloponnese, land of the tower houses made of stone.

3 or 4 days (options)

PELION Peninsula (Central Greece)

The land of the mythical Centaurs

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2 days, Short escape to Nafplio

(Peloponnese, South Greece)

A fine get-away from Athens, an excellent choice for a weekend. Scenic routes included that will keep you smiling for hours !!


Consider the following options to enhance your experience :

ON-ROAD RIDER TRAINING ! (1 day extra)

Spend 1 day before the start of the tour with our certified riding instructor, honing in your skills and boosting your confidence:

  • Body position
  • Visual skill, where to look
  • Counter steering and slalom
  • Cornering methods: leaning vs pushing (extremely useful for the tight hairpins you will encounter in Greece!)
  • Sudden braking, stopping the bike
  • Sudden braking, avoiding obstacles

Cost: 85 euros + the daily rental rate for the bike of your choice + fuel.

Please read our page about rider training for more details !

ATHENIAN RIVIERA (1 day extra)

An introductory ride and a leisure one, combined together! Arrive one day earlier and ride with a member of our crew along the coastal front of the Athenian region, reaching cape Sounio. No luggage, no rush and no worries of getting lost!

Acclimatize to the conditions of the Greek roads, get familiar with the bike in a moderate pace, accompanied by a member of our crew! For the first 20 minutes we will ride patiently as we will be tackling the busy traffic of Athens, but then you will enjoy a leisurely ride along the coast, visit the temple of Poseidon if you wish, and have a coffee break by the sea! We return to the base and your hotel by late afternoon / early evening.

Cost: 100 euros shared* fee, plus the daily rental fee for the bike of your choice !

* shared fee: the cost of 100 euros is shared between all riders/pillions that will join the ride.

Fuel, coffee, snacks, drinks and any other personal expenses are not included in the price shown above.