19 Days, self guided Tour of Greece

At a glance

With our “19 days, self guided motorcycle Tour of Greece”, you will be visiting a large part of our country.  Most great biking roads of Greece are included in the itinerary, as well as many historical & cultural sites. The routes though are designed in a way that if you feel like skipping visits to such sites, the overall schedule is not affected.

There are a 7 days in total, where you are given the options to either do loop rides (returning to the same hotel) or spend the day relaxing and taking it easy.

You may also add extra days (more on that, towards the end of this page).

This tour is essentially a combination of 3 other tours : a) the tour of Pelion, b) the tour of Peloponnese, c) and the tour of Central-Northwest Greece.

map of 19 days self guided tour of Greece

Start / Finish

Athens, Greece


19 riding days with options to extend or to spend some of them relaxing

Riding hours

Daily average: 4-5 hours on the saddle. A couple of days are longer (ca. 6 hours).


3,100 – 3,900 kilometers, depending on your appetite for riding during rest days / 1,900 – 2,400 miles


3 or 4 star, elegant boutique hotels. All of them are top rated and personally selected by us.


Sections could be rated as “Moderate” level for most riders. Some other sections are “Advanced” because there are many tight and steep hairpins along the routes, on small narrow (single lane) roads. Please read here about how our tours are graded!


100% paved. A large amount of this tour runs on narrow, single lane, secondary mountain routes. See below :


You will be riding mostly on small, country roads.

Have a small taste in the pictures that follow:


Oh dear, from where to start?

The route will bring you to many major cultural sites. The following are indexed by UNESCO as World Heritage sites:

  • the ancient Mycenae.
  • the ancient Epidaurus.
  • The byzantine site of Mystras (where the last emperor of Byzantium was crowned)
  • the ancient temple of Apollo in Bassae
  • the birth place of the Olympic games, the ancient Olympia.
  • ancient Delphi (“the navel of the world” according to ancient Greeks)
  • the Meteora Monasteries

And there are more!

The old town of Nafplion, one of the most picturesque of Greece.  The historical center is for pedestrians only, full of little shops, elegant cafes and lots of things to see. The medieval castle of Palamidi stands imposing on the nearby hill.

The medieval fortified city of Monemvasia (some call it the “Gibraltar of the East”)

The subterranean river in the caves of Diros.

The Mani peninsula, with it’s secluded bays and the stone-built tower houses.

The idyllic coastal town of Parga (you will feel like being on an island)

The gorge of Vikos

and so many more !


Day 1: Athens – Nafplion, 2 nights in Nafplion (185 kilometers / 115 miles)

From Athens you will ride on a secondary coastal & mostly scenic route until the Canal of Corinth. The next stage will bring you on one of the most favorite routes of Greek bikers, until you reach Epidaurus.

In ancient Epidaurus visit the marvel of architecture that the ancient theater is.

Nafplion awaits for the evening. The first capital of the reborn Greek nation after the revolution war against the Ottoman empire, is a town full of charm. The castle of Palamidi, the old neighborhoods of the fishermen, the narrow, venetian style alleys and streets of the historic center are waiting to be discovered.

Day 2: Loop ride to the mountainous province of Arcadia (216 kilometers / 135 miles)

Spectacular vistas and winding routes are in the menu, as you will ride to the Arcadian mountains. Pass through the heart of Mainalon mountain and its deep forests, and then turn back and ride to Nafplion as you descend yet another local biker’s favorite road: the Achladokampos route will lure you in a cornering frenzy, while the views to the gulf of Argolis will be tempting.

Day 3: Nafplion – Mani area, 2 nights in Mani (185 kilometers / 115 miles)

You start with a coastal ride, heading south, then you will ride through the deep forest routes of mountain Parnonas. Don’t be surprised if you don’t meet another car for hours!

Your destination is the rugged coastline of west Mani.

Day 4: Mani rest day, with options to ride up to 185 kilometers / 115 miles

Rest in a beautiful bay and enjoy the sea (depending on what season you choose to do the tour), or go riding: the peninsula of Mani, is an arid land, with a jugged coastline, full of stone-built tower houses, where clans were competing for independence for hundreds of years.

You will be riding close to the southern most point of mainland Greece, and 2nd southernmost point of the whole continental Europe.

According to Greek mythology, there lies an entrance to the underworld!

You may want to take a boat ride in the subterranean river in the caves of Diros!

And also the routes gives you the option to visit the fortified medieval town of Monemvasia, nicknamed as the “Gibraltar of the east”!

Day 5: Mani – Dimitsana, 2 nights in Dimitsana (240 kilometers / 150 miles)

Today’s menu includes the mountain road over the Taigetos pass, yet another of the best biking roads in Greece.

A stop by the historical site of Mystras (UNESCO World Heritage Site) may be appealing to you.

A brief section on a fast flowing road heading north, and then again you will enter a mountainous landscape. The mountain Parnonas and it’s twisty roads will keep your interest high!

Those of you interested in history, will visit the local museum and learn about this town’s role in the greek revolution war against the Ottoman empire in the 19th century.

Day 6: Dimitsana loop ride with options (205 or 240 kilometers / 128 or 150 miles)

Do you feel like visiting a couple of famous cultural sites or do you prefer to skip one of them and focus on riding ?

You have the chance of visiting the ancient sites of Olympia (the birth place of the Olympic Games) and of Bassae where the temple of Apollo is located. Both sites are indexed by UNESCO as World Heritage sites.

Whether you choose to visit those sites, or skip them, the riding remains great today, with small countryside roads, and mountain twisties as always!

Day 7: Dimitsana – Nafpaktos, 2 nights in Nafpaktos (185 kilometers / 115 miles)

Ride northbound, crossing the sections of Arcadia and the mountain range of Helmos. You will pass through Kalavryta, a small town that is a symbol of the Greek resistance during the 2nd world war. Also here, started the revolution war against the Ottoman empire in the 19th century. Later on, a brief stage on a motorway along the corinthian gulf is in order, before you cross the bridge of Rio-AntiRio and reach the coastal town of Nafpaktos.

The old castle that overlooks the town invites you for a visit.

Day 8: Nafpatkos, with options for 2 different loop rides (240 to 270 kilometers / 150 to 170 miles)

So many options, so little time! You may opt to visit one of the most famous UNESCO World Heritage sites, the ancient Delphi. According to what ancient Greeks believed, this was the “navel” of world. The ride to and from there is amazing, your bike will remain vertical only for very short stretches!

Or you may opt to ride to some lesser known villages of the mountainous areas around mount Parnassos. Less touristry (or not at all touristry!) and tons of corners on secondary mountain routes.

Day 9: Nafpaktos – Karpenisi  (options for 115 kilometers or 160 kilometers/ 70 or 100 miles)

The route along the secondary provincial road is considered among one of the most scenic of the central Greece. It’s just 115 kilometers, but it’s narrow, and the views will probably have you stopping frequently for photos! Plus, you can make a later start from Nafpaktos in the morning!

The slightly longer option is even narrower, and suggested only for those of you who don’t mind some steep and super-tight hairpins along the way! But some sections of it are simply awesome, riding under thick tree canopy and through some locations that very few (if any at all) tourists visit.

Day 10: Karpenisi – Parga, 2 nights in Parga (230 kilometers / 145 miles)

Leaving Karpenisi to the west, the roads are like a roller coaster. After a while you will be riding along the coast of the Ioanian sea. Parga will welcome you and get you in the mood for some chillin’ and relaxing by the small fish taverns.

Day 11: Parga, rest day 

We believe that once you see this picturesque sea side location, you will most probably decide to stay for a day and do nothing. Simply enjoy some relaxing time by the sea.

Day 12: Parga – Zagoria (route options from 160 to 215 kilometers /  100 to 135 miles)


Day 13: Zagoria loop (185 kilometers / 115 miles)

Most people who do this loop get blown away by the beauty of the area. Most people say that they would have never thought Greece has such landscapes! It’s hard to put it in to words, but we guarantee you will enjoy the ride! The numerous villages that are along the route offer you many options for road-side stops, and the architecture of the houses, gives a unique character to them.

The wonder of nature, gorge of Vikos, will amaze you.

This loop will end either in Zagoria again or a little further to the south, in the town of Ioannina, depending on how you would prefer to spend the next day: if you long for the tranquility of the small villages, it will be in Zagoria. If you would rather spend the evening in a beautiful town, with more options for dining, bars, and sightseeing, then it will be Ioannina!

Day 14: rest day in Ioannina or Zagoria, with options to ride 

If you choose to stay in Zagoria for one more night, then this day is offered for relaxation away from crowds, or you may opt to do some extra riding (route options are provided).

If you choose to end your loop ride from yesterday in the town of Ioannina, then you will spend the day strolling around the old historic center, enclosed behind the fortifications of previous centuries! There are many interesting things to do and see in Ioannina, and your stay there won’t disappoint ! Our handbook will reveal most of them to you!

Day 15:  Zagoria (or Ioannina) – Tzoumerka (130 – 160 kilometers / 80 – 100 miles)

Don’t be fooled by today’s “short” distance. You are entering Tzoumerka!

After a first section of the route that will bring towards the east part of Zagoria, and then to the village of Metsovo , you will turn south. The Tzoumerka area is wild, remote, and – depending on how early in the season you will do the tour – will demand an extra level of caution. Your “adventure” mood must be on, at all times. The scenery though is truly spectacular.

You will ride over the highest paved mountain road of Greece, the Baros pass.

Day 16: Tzoumerka – Meteora (route options, from 130 to 200 kilometers / 80 or 125 miles)

You start the day with some more of Tzoumerka. The roads are ever winding, the scenery is lush, and the riding is simply fun.

You will reach Meteora and the surrounding area. Meteora are famous for the dramatic views of the monasteries built on top of huge limestone pillars.

Day 17:  Meteora – Pelion, 2 nights in Pelion (route options, from 130 to 240 kilometers / 80 –  150 miles)

The first stage of this day is easy going, which is a good thing in order to keep you fresh for what lies ahead. You may opt to ride along the coast, by the Aegean sea, passing through small villages.

Pelion awaits and it will please all your senses.

Day 18: Pelion loop ride (100 kilometers / 63 miles)

Once again, don’t let the short distance fool you. Pelion’s routes are narrow, and there is not a single stretch of straight road ahead! Yeap, you read that right!

An overdose of cornering is in the menu, as well as numerous picturesque villages. You should take time off the saddle and walk along their neighborhoods, of at least a couple of them. Discover the very distinct architecture of Pelion, with it’s mansions dominating the views of all residential locations.

The area is lush, mountainous, and offer many options for the visitor. Seaside locations with nice beaches are also there, so perhaps you should keep your bathing wear with you!

Day 19: Pelion – Athens (310 kilometers / 195 miles)

Ride back to Athens by going to the island of Evia (one short ferry crossing involved), enjoying yet another favorite route of Greek bikers!


Best experienced during May*, early June, the 2nd half of September and October.

* In May: the highest paved pass of Greece, Baros, usually gets cleared and opens after the 1st week of May. If you do choose to do the trip earlier than that, 99% you will not be able to ride the Baros pass. So the routes (and the itinerary) for the day before and after will have to be altered.

July and August can get hot and crowded. The sea will be at its best though, if you decide to add non-riding days!

In November you are taking your chances with rain, especially in the northwest.

This tour is not recommended during the winter.

2023 Prices (in euros)

(all prices in euros)Single Rider, single roomSingle Rider, sharing twin roomRider + Passenger*, double room
BMW R 1250GS6,0504,7456,540
HONDA NT 11005,6704,3656,160
BMW F 750 GS5,4704,1655,960
HONDA NC 750X4,9703,6655,465
HONDA CB 500x4,6703,3655,165

(* Rider and Passenger price is for both people, not per person).

Booking deposit, per person : 750 euros

Remaining amount is paid in 2 parts:

  • 50% : 60 days before arrival. If you are placing your booking initially at a date less than 60 days prior to the starting date, the 50% are required as a deposit
  • 50% : the day you collect the bike.

Note: prices shown are based on quotes from hotels offered to us for group tours on fixed dates. Depending on the time of your travel, prices may be slightly different (for example during peak season). 

What is Included in the price you pay

– 18 nights accommodation with breakfasts, in personally selected hotels.
– Rental of Motorcycle, with side panniers, top case, comprehensive insurance with excess.
– Rental of 1 GPS per 4 people, with routes and POIs pre-loaded for every day
– Paper map with routes marked and a handbook with key information for the trip, suggestions, tips etc.
– 2 helmets, of basic quality, European standards approved. Options available to upgrade to high quality helmets, for an added daily fee.
– Free luggage storage at our premises.

– All taxes

– accommodation in Athens, when you fly in and when you ride back to Athens (we can certainly arrange it if you wish)
– airport transfers (offered as an option)
– Fuel & tolls
– Food, drinks, personal daily expenses & tips
– Fines, tickets
– Entrance fees to local museums, tourist sites
– Ferries, parking
– Personal travel insurance
– Visas (if required)

Also, not included are the costs of any “added” days you may choose to have. Those costs will typically have to include the daily rental rate of the motorcycle plus the accommodation cost, which varies depending on where you choose to spend those added days.

Costs of Extra Options:

Airport transfers. Prices are per 2-way transfer (to and from the airport), not per person.
Up to 3 pax90
4 to 8 pax150


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