3 or 4 days, Self Guided Tour to the Peloponnese

Tour Summary

An excellent choice for a short road trip, our “3-4 Days Self-Guided Motorcycle Tour of Peloponnese” will take you to the 1st historical capital of Greece, the charming old town of Nafplion, where you will spend 2 or 3 nights. The routes are winding and full of curves. The scenery has it all, as you will be passing through mountain routes to coastal ones, and back again over mountains. And to top it all, there is a good deal of historical sites to be visited as well !

map of 3-4 days self guided tour of Peloponnese

Start / Finish

Athens, Greece


3 or 4 riding days

Riding hours

from 3 up to 5 hours on the saddle daily (route options available).


3 days tour : 570 – 630 kilometers (356 – 394 miles)

4 days tour : 815 – 855 kilometers (510 – 535 miles)


3 or 4 star, elegant boutique hotels. All of them are top rated and personally selected by us.


“Moderate” level for most riders. There are a few tight and steep hairpins along the routes. Please read here about how our tours are graded!


100% paved. A good amount of this tour runs on small, narrow, secondary mountain routes.

Customer’s Review of this tour

Simon B. from the UK wrote on his Google review about this trip:

“John and his team were great, they gave great advice on where we could go given the days we had. Once we had decided picking up the bikes was easy and John escorted us out to the motorway which was great as we got used to the bikes. The sat nav and options on the trip meant we had lots of options to choose from and the hotel was great. The bikes were in great condition and ran very well. This is a great way to see Greece and there are a lot of great roads and sites to visit. I would recommend and use MotoGreece again albeit I would want to go for longer so could see more of the country.”

David. B, also from the UK wrote on Google:

“We did the 3 day self-guided tour around the Peloponnese. It was easy to follow the directions from the guide and sat nav which put you on amazing roads you would never find if your were to do it yourself. Hotel was great and bikes top notch.”


The old town of Nafplion is one of the most picturesque of Greece.  The historical center is for pedestrians only, full of little shops, elegant cafes and lots of things to see. The medieval castle of Palamidi stands imposing on the nearby hill.

The routes allow you to visit 2 major cultural sites, that are indexed by UNESCO as World Heritage sites:

  • the ancient Mycenae.
  • the ancient Epidaurus.


Day 1: Athens – Nafplion (2 or 3 nights in Nafplion), (185 kilometers / 115 miles)

From Athens you will ride on a secondary coastal & mostly scenic route until the Canal of Corinth. The next stage will bring you on one of the most favorite routes of Greek bikers, until you reach Epidaurus.

In ancient Epidaurus visit the marvel of architecture that the ancient theater is.

Nafplion awaits for the evening. The first capital of the reborn Greek nation after the revolution war against the Ottoman empire, is a town full of charm. The castle of Palamidi, the old neighborhoods of the fishermen, the narrow, venetian style alleys and streets of the historic center are waiting to be discovered.

Day 2: 

option A: Nafplion – Arcadia loop ride – Nafplion (225 kilometers / 140 miles)

Spectacular vistas and winding routes are in the menu, as you will ride to the Arcadian mountains. Pass through the heart of Mainalon mountain and its deep forests, and then turn back and ride to Nafplion as you descend yet another local biker’s favorite road: the Achladokampos route will lure you in a cornering frenzy, while the views to the gulf of Argolis will be tempting.

Day 2, option B: Nafplion – Parnonas mountain loop ride – Nafplion (245 kilometers / 153 miles)

The ride starts with a nice smooth coastal section. Then you will ride through the deep forest routes of mountain Parnonas. Don’t be surprised if you don’t meet another car for hours. Empty roads, wild mountain slopes, alpine sections, this is a “pure ride” route! A few small quaint villages are along the way where you may have some short breaks.

Day 3: Return to Athens (options 160 to 205 kilometers / 100 –  128 miles)

After leaving Nafplion, you have the option to visit the ancient site of Mycenae (UNESCO World Heritage Site). The Lions gate, the cyclopean walls the dark chambers of the treasury of Atreus will take you back in time.

Soon after that, you will be riding on nice secondary roads through the countryside of the Corinthian province. After reaching the canal of Corinth, you will continue your way on a secondary coastal road, skipping the motorway, or you will take the west route, bringing you to the Corinthian Gulf before eventually heading back to the capital.

4 days version : Itinerary

Essentially you will be doing both route options that presented for day nr. 2 above, in two days.  Your accommodation remains the same, all nights are spent in Nafplion.

2023 Prices : 3-day version of Tour

(all prices in euros)Single Rider, single roomSingle rider, sharing twin roomRider + Passenger*, double room
BMW R 1250GS9207901,000
HONDA NT 1100875745950
BMW F 750 GS800670875
HONDA NC 750X710575795
HONDA CB 500x655530730

(* Rider and Passenger price is for both people, not per person.)

Booking deposit : 280 euros per person

Balance payment due: the day you collect the bike.

Note: prices shown are based on quotes from hotels offered to us for group tours on fixed dates. Depending on the time of your travel, prices may be slightly different (for example during peak season). 

2023 Prices : 4-day version of Tour

(all prices in euros)Single Rider, single roomSingle Rider, sharing twin roomRider + Passenger *, double room
BMW R 1250GS1,2201,0251,325
HONDA NT 11001,1609651,265
BMW F 750 GS1,0758801,180
HONDA NC 750X9557551,075
HONDA CB 500x885690990

(* Rider and Passenger price is for both people, not per person.)

Booking deposit : 390 euros per person

Balance payment due: the day you collect the bike.

Note: prices shown are based on quotes from hotels offered to us for group tours on fixed dates. Depending on the time of your travel, prices may be slightly different (for example during peak season). 

Costs of Extra Options:

Airport transfers. Prices are per 2-way transfer (to and from the airport), not per person.
Up to 3 pax90
4 to 8 pax150
Add accommodation in Athens
Prices vary, depending on your budget. Elegant boutique hotels, of 4-stars class, usually cost from 160 to 220 euros per room. These prices can fluctuate so we will provide you with an up-to-date quote.


Best experienced during April, May, early June, the 2nd half of September and October.

July and August can get hot and crowded. In November you are taking your chances with rain.

During winter, some mountain routes will demand increased awareness about the condition of the road (slippery, especially early in the morning), and there is always some chance that those mountain routes will be temporarily closed because of snow.

What is Included in the price you pay

– 2 or 3 nights accommodation with breakfasts, in personally selected hotels.
– Rental of Motorcycle, with side panniers, top case, comprehensive insurance with excess.
– GPS with routes pre-loaded for every day
– Paper map with routes marked and a short handbook with key information for the trip.
– 2 helmets, of basic quality, European standards approved. Options available to upgrade to high quality helmets, for an added daily fee.
– Free luggage storage at our premises.

– All taxes

– accommodation in Athens, when you fly in and when you ride back to Athens (we can certainly arrange it if you wish)
– airport transfers (offered as an option)
– Fuel & tolls
– Food, drinks, personal daily expenses & tips
– Fines, tickets
– Entrance fees to local museums, tourist sites
– Ferries, parking
– Personal travel insurance
– Visas (if required)

Please read the Tour Terms & Conditions which include our Cancellation Policy.

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