Self guided motorcycle tours in Greece

Ride on your own.

Our provisions of self guided motorcycle tours in Greece give you the option to ride on your own, spend some great riding and vacation time in our country, but without you having to deal with any of the organization and research hassles for the preparation of your road trip!

You can choose to do any of the tours presented in the full guided tours section, or a customized tour made for you.

Typically the cost of a self guided tour includes:

a) the rental of a motorcycle from us, with complete equipment, insurance and break down coverage,

b) the hotel reservations en route (not in Athens), which most of the times include breakfast,

c) detailed road map of the region,

d) a brochure with details for daily routes, distances, points of interest, where to stop for lunch, what to visit, etc.

e) GPS device with preloaded daily routes or the gps data ready for your smartphone (based on Google Maps format).

What is not included in the cost of a self-guided tour:

a) the services of a tour guide

b) the support vehicle.

c) meals, dinners etc. .But we do give recommendations on where to eat. Then it’s up to you!

d) airport transfers

e) your hotels in Athens

The cost of a self-guided tour usually is set at about 30% to 40% lower than that of the respective full guided version of tour. The exact price depends on the price quotes of the hotels at time that you will choose to travel. For a full guided tour, since we pre-schedule the dates well in advance we can get fixed prices which are reflected on our tour costs. But on a self guided tour, this is not always feasible. So we have to request individual quotes per inquiry.

If you find that the readily available tour proposals are not suitable for you, you can always request a variation of an existing tour (for example add days), or even ask for a complete new, customized tour.

For more information, contact us!